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Welcome to BrainSweet.
I’m Clare Linane, and
BrainSweet is my passion.

For 13 years, I went in and out of major depressive cycles without the slightest idea what was happening to me. My explanation was that I was ‘lazy and pathetic’.

Being diagnosed at the age of 29 was such a relief – finally I knew why I couldn’t seem to function like the people around me.

Medication proved incredibly helpful but at 31 I found myself again at ‘rock bottom’, and realised that medication alone wasn’t going to save me.

In the intervening years I have learnt a range of strategies that – with medication – have helped me manage my predisposition to depression.

The majority of these strategies are based in neuroscience, and BrainSweet is the avenue via which I share these learnings with other people.

Please explore the BrainSweet site, and consider if one of the workshops is right for you personally, or for your workplace.

  • Clare, thankyou so much for such a frank and positive session. You have answered so many of my thoughts. I thought I was adrift on my own island.

    Marilyn 62, retired
  • A fantastic session Clare. I’m sure I got more out of the 3 hours with you than the last 12 months with a psychologist! I loved your honesty and normalisation of depression and all the challenges the accompany trying to function in society. I would say your session is a must do for both sufferers and carers of those with depression.

  • Brilliant workshop. So many tips, great advice & a whole lot of new learning about the brain! Absolutely love your delivery style. Thanks

  • Absolutely wonderful! I was so engaged and left with so many valuable strategies to implement in my life. Your delivery was so fun and enjoyable, took so much away.

  • Loved it! So thorough and engaging. Tomorrow, when it’s sunny, I’m going to stand barefoot in the garden bed, in a power pose, singing my lungs out whilst eating chocolate and laughing at myself. Then I’m going to hug my family, tell them how grateful I am for them then go for a nap. BrainSweet Sunday!

    Lisa Teacher
  • I just loved today and have come away with so much knowledge. Very useful with so many practical tips – and your presentation was captivating

  • So inspirational. I think it is great that Blooms are giving a voice to address mental health issues….Clare is a beautiful, strong woman with a powerful message. Thank you Blooms for allowing us to hear her story.

    Audience member
  • Her presentation, whilst confronting at times, was captivating.

    Audience member