Mental health challenges are a reality in today’s society. It’s easy to think it will never happen to us- but with one in seven people experiencing depression in their lifetime, it is critical that we educate ourselves (and our employees) about how to maintain our own wellbeing. Ballarat’s winter creates yet another layer of challenge; our average minimum temperature is just 3 degrees. Research in 2015 shows that winter has an impact on employee performance and the business bottom line, with:

  • 33% of employees suffering reduced motivation at work
  • 27% of employees admitting to reduced inefficiency
  • One third of employees taking more time off

With all this in mind, please join me on June 13th for my powerful “BrainSweet” workshop, hosted by Commerce Ballarat. The key message is that responsibility for your mental health begins with YOU, and the workshop is suited to everyone who is committed to maintaining their wellbeing (not just those who have experienced a mental health challenge).

After briefly sharing my own history with depression, I will introduce some key concepts from neuro-science to help you understand the important role our brain plays in our well-being. With those concepts as a basis, I will then share five simple, evidence based strategies that can help everyone enhance their well-being.

Far from being sombre, the workshop is empowering, positive and fun. Participants are challenged to take ownership of their mental health. “Nurture your brain, benefit your wellbeing”

You can register for the workshop via Commerce Ballarat event registration

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