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Whole Brain Thinking is all about valuing difference

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We offer workshops centred around Whole Brain Thinking.

What is Whole Brain Thinking?

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Do you sense a gap in your team’s ability to consider issues from all perspectives?

Perhaps they’re all so similar in their problem solving that they consistently miss the same things? Or perhaps the opposite is true – they’re quite different in their approach and communication style, and that difference is creating tension and misunderstanding?

Recent research has suggested that cognitive diversity is more important than any other kind of diversity in the workplace, to achieve good results.

Whole Brain Thinking is a model proposed by Ned Herrman in the 1970s. He formed the theory initially based on neuro-scientific research, then evolved it to create a useful model that was applicable to ‘real life’. It is currently used in workplaces all around the world to help colleagues better understand themselves and each other.

Our Testimonials

  • Clare has an amazing ability to make you forget your worries back at the office and focus on what she is teaching. Not only are her courses fun to attend and very thorough, but she understands real day to day pressures and helps identify realistic solutions on how to tackle them. … I would recommend Clare in a heartbeat

    Emily Australian Pharmaceutical Industries
  • I cannot recommend (Clare) highly enough, and know she can bring the same level of engagement and personalisation to any industry or corporate environment that cares about developing and investing in it's leaders and people.

    Ayden Australian Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Clare’s passion for learning and development of others is always evident, which made all her workshops & presentations totally effective and engaging. If you want a skilled facilitator to take your Management team on a leadership journey, then look no further than Clare as she is guaranteed to re-shape their leadership styles

    Michael Australian Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Clare offers her wealth of experience with fun, flare and character. I have had the opportunity to work with Clare and also be a member of various sessions she has facilitated. Her passion and dedication for MBTI is exceptional and her creative style is refreshing in a classroom environment. I would highly recommend Clare to any organisation looking to utilise her HR skills and expertise.

    Louise Transurban
  • Over the years I have attended many workshops for team building and leadership, this workshop was truly the most effective. It not only helped build a stronger team cohesion but also awareness and tools that I was able to use, and sustain using. It was so great to have a facilitator who not only was passionate but walked the walk. Clare was able to ensure that all members of the team felt comfortable and engaged.

    Susan AGL

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